PharmaHemp 6.6% Premium Black Oil Drop

Premium Black 6.6% CBD Oil Premium Black Oil Drop
・ CBD 660mg formula / 10ml
・ Hemp full spectrum
・ Easy to use with dedicated dropper

The Premium Black Series is pursuing ease of drinking with a clear manufacturing method, compared to conventional long-selling products.
This is recommended if you are not good at unique flavors.
Because it uses full hemp spectrum as a raw material, it is formulated with the best of hemp.
This CBD oil uses only natural ingredients and is made by mixing olive oil with high-concentration CBD extracted from high pressure CO2.
We recommend taking about 5 drops in the morning and evening with a special dropper. (About 20 days)
Put oil in your mouth and swallow it under your tongue for about 30 seconds.
* If it does not fit your body, stop using it immediately.
Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The refrigerator is best for storage, but the contents may solidify. Before use, once it is returned to room temperature, it will be easier to produce the contents.
Please note that if the temperature gets too high, the contents may become too soft and pop out when opened.

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PharmaHemp 6.6% Premium Black Oil Drop

PharmaHemp 6.6% Premium Black Oil Drop
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