Mug Peace Laundry-

“Mug Peace”, a next-generation laundry product that does not use detergent, is friendly to the earth and people
This laundry product is ideal for washing baby clothes, sensitive skin, atopic skin, allergies, and organic cotton made with pesticides.
“Mug Peace” is made from 99.95% pure magnesium, which is essential for human health.
When high-purity magnesium is put into washing water, hydrogen bubbles are generated and the water in the washing tub is changed to alkaline ionized water.
This alkaline ionized water has a very high detergency, and the decomposition rate of sebum dirt is equivalent to that of detergents.
The decomposition rate of odorous components is about 10 times that of detergents, and the antibacterial effect is over 99%.

Just put “Mug Piece” in the washing machine with the laundry and wash it, and the dirt and unpleasant odor will be removed.
Moreover, the water used cleans not only the laundry but also the mold and dirt of the washing tub and drainage hose.
Because it is washed only with magnesium without using detergents or softeners, there is no chemical damage.
People with allergies and atopy that are steadily increasing can be used with peace of mind.
Please try “Mug Piece” that is kind to clothes, people, and earth. Try the “magpiece” that is kind to the earth.
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MUG PEACE Laundry-

MUG PEACE Laundry-
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